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Custom Metal Fabrication Services in British Columbia

There is a challenging and varied need for custom sheet metal fabrication in the construction and manufacturing industries. Universal Sheet Metal employees are trade-qualified sheet metal journeymen and are capable of performing any architectural sheet metal or custom sheet metal job. 

Our services include the custom supply and installation required for flashings, hospital equipment and more. We can even custom build boat fittings. We use a variety of metals and alloys, including stainless steel, copper, tin, bronze, aluminum and steel. 

We maintain a full-service shop where we prepare and assemble much of our custom work. Just a few of the functions we perform in our shop include:







Joining and welding

For a finishing touch, we can manufacture the fasteners and decorative touches used to accent our custom-built projects. 

Please contact us for details about our custom roofing. 

We also offer architectural sheet metal. These include finials, weathervanes, cupolas, steeples, ridge caps, vents, custom copper roofing and more. See our projects page for a sample of our custom work.

Architectural and Custom Sheet Metal Work

Get a variety of architectural and custom sheet metal work done by the experts.

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